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Livestock CLA, n-3 & n-6 Enriched Products Milk cis-9, trans-11 CLA content has also been shown to be affected by dietary oil supplementations. Feeding fish oil or oils high in linoleic or linolenic acid has been shown to be an effective way to enhance the cis- 9, trans-11 level in milk.  
Essential Oils and Plant Extracts Plant extracts contain secondary metabolites, such as essential oils (EO), that have antimicrobial properties that make them potential alternatives to antibiotics to manipulate microbial activity in the rumen.  
Protein and Amino Acids Nutrition of Dairy Cows Production responses of dairy cows to improved Lys and Met nutrition include variable increases in feed intake, milk production, and content and yield of milk protein.  
Calve Nutrition and Development There is limited information on the effects and requirements of specific fatty acids for the calf. Although calves consume high-fat milk or milk replacer-based diets.  
Silage Biochemistry & Microbiology Silage quality, as with all forages, is governed by the maturity of the crop at harvest. However, fermentation in the silo further influences nutritive value of silage by reducing voluntary intake and utilization of digestible nutrients.  

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